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GR Capital is a late stage venture capital firm with a goal of becoming a growth supporter for the most promising teams that have already proven business models and scaling capacity.

We strive to be dedicated partners both for the companies and experienced co-investors by bringing our value in business development and R&D build-up throughout Europe.

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  • Lime
  • Glovo
  • McMakler
  • Azimo
  • Lofelt
  • Deliveroo
  • Victor
  • Owlet

Lime is the transportation-rental company, based in the United States. It runs bicycle-, scooter-, and car-sharing systems in various cities. The systems offer dockless vehicles which users unlock via a mobile app.

Glovo is a Spanish start-up founded in Barcelona in 2015. It is an on-demand service that purchases, picks-up and delivers anything that is ordered through the app. Glovo is transforming the way consumer access local goods, enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered in less than 60 minutes.

McMakler offers an all-in-one real estate broker-service for a fair price. As a Berlin-based hybrid broker company combines the advantages of technology and the individual service of traditional broker. It has recently secured an investment of €16 million and strive towards the goal of disrupting the German, Austrian and French real estate market.

Azimo is an online international money transfer company that challenges the old-fashioned, expensive ways of moving your money around the world.

Lofelt builds best-in-class HD haptic technology for consumer electronics, mobile, gaming and VR/AR. The company started with a B2C the watch-size wearable subwoofer — Basslet — and is expanding to EOM haptic engine market.

Deliveroo is a technology company focused on marketing, selling and delivering restaurant meals to the household or office. Their technology platform optimizes food ordering and delivery by integrating web and mobile consumers with restaurant tablet-based point-of-sale order management terminals.

Victor is an on-demand private jet charter. Victor is revolutionizing the world of private jet charter to make comparing, booking and managing flights simpler, faster and more enjoyable than ever before.

Owlet Baby Care offers a proactive health monitor that allows parents to view their child's vital signs in real time. The Owlet Baby Monitor is a proactive health monitor for sleeping infants that allows parents to view their child’s vital signs in real time.

For teams that make history by disrupting traditional industries with proven business models and scaling capacities, GR Capital is a valuable growth partner.

We support our portfolio companies in:

  • business development
  • R&D build-up throughout Europe
  • strategic & fundraising advisory

Our investment check is between 3 to 5 million dollars, and we invest up to 10 millions per company.
We allocate 5% of our carried interest into tech adoption initiatives and projects throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

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